Madison Vending

May 22, 2022

I had a chance to try out my new backdrop right in front of our bookstore.
Met some people, sold some books, and the weather held until about an hour before the event was about to end.

On to ConQuesT 53 this weekend!

JordanCon 2022

April 25, 2022

What a great time at JordanCon 2022!

April won an award at the costume contest, we met old friends and new, and I was honored to sign Neither Beginnings Nor Endings: The JordanCon 2022 Anthology with a room full of artists and authors. Proceeds will go to the Mayo Clinic.
#JordanCon 2022
Available on Amazon.

Red Tempest Available

March 21, 2022

Book Two of the AngelSong series is now available on Kindle and the paperback is on Ingram and Amazon.
I enjoyed introducing a new member to Haddie’s team partially because the character plays a strong role in upcoming books, but also because she got to play a cool twist in Red Tempest.

Red Tempest

Book Two of the AngelSong series.

A shocking new ally joins Haddie and her dad in their search for the Unceasing.


Available: Penumbra

February 25, 2022

Book One of the AngelSong Series, Penumbra, is available on Amazon and Ingram. Haddie risks everything for her friend when she learns about the suicide raves plaguing the west coast. Facing demons and powers unlike her own, will her new powers be enough?

Penumbra Book One of the AngelSong Series Available Now

Back from Superstars 2022

February 15, 2022

I arrived home yesterday morning in the dark and Szeth, my assistant in white, has kept a close eye on me ever since. Leila just wants tummy skritches and Princess Fluffhead has my wife, April, to attend to her demands and did not need my opposable thumbs, at least for the moment.

The trip to Colorado Springs was well worth the flights and crowds; following advice I received at Superstars 2022, I’ve set up the entire AngelSong series for sale, or preorder.

I sold a couple copies of Shattered Blood at the writing conference to fellow authors, but April did much better at our rural bookstore.

I’ve gotten one of my best reviews from Bethany, one of my wife’s patrons, as she read the AngelSong origin story Shattered Blood. She posted on my FB author’s page:

“Kevin, I love your wonderful book. It’s been too long since a book was in the “can’t put it down” category for me. Started it last night. Fell asleep with it on my chest… woke at 3:00 AM to read some more. This morning I’m snuggled down in front of a fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate reading it again and on page 117. It is a perfectly delicious way to spend this cold, rainy day.

Reading your words made me feel like I was swimming in a supernatural world of intrigue. The plot kept my interest throughout and carefully guided me along. I “reached the end”, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and was sad it was over. Now, how do I get the next in the series? What’s next for Haddie and Thomas? Kudos to you Mr. Davis! Well done… 😇(Big thank you to April for putting this jewel in my hands. She was right, it is awesome!)” – Bethany

What’s next is Penumbra: Book One of the AngelSong series. Available on Amazon.
Book Two in the AngelSong series, Red Tempest, will be out in March, 2022.

Free on BookFunnel: Shattered Blood

January 6, 2022
Get the Origin Story of the AngelSong Series ebook free on BookFunnel
Paperbacks available on Amazon

Some mysteries are best left unsolved.
Eugene law student and intern at a local law firm, Haddie discovers more about herself and her dad than she was ready to delve into. Shocked by gruesome deaths that defy the laws of nature, she searches for rational answers to otherworldly incinerations. To learn the truth, she investigates the two bizarre deaths of a local businessman and his wife.
Haddie races against time, obsessed with saving the firm’s client, the businessman’s mistress, who the police accuse of impossible murders that the young woman couldn’t have committed.
However, if Haddie digs too deep, she, and her friends, might become the next set of ghastly remains. Unfortunately, Haddie has a history of not knowing when to let go.
An urban fantasy origin story for the AngelSong Series with characters and magic inspired by the likes of Jane Yellowrock and Kate Daniels.

20Booksto50K 2021

November 13, 2021

Spent last week at this amazing conference getting to know self-published authors in many genres that ranged from writers who are just planning, those that are making five figures a month, to authors that have begun publishing other writers.
The panels ranged from craft to details on business and marketing aspects. My focus here was to gain new connections in the Urban Fantasy market, polish my plan for a book funnel origin story and a rapid release of the remaining series, and listening to the path other authors have taken.

Craig Martelle did a wonderful job setting the conference with dozens of panels over the few days stocked with industry leaders. There were too many great workshops to mention them all but this is a great conference if you are looking to self-publish or even plan a hybrid platform.

Over 900 writers registered the first day, and another 1000 expected the next.

Multiverse 2021

October 18, 2021

I spent this weekend at Multiverse, a fledgling Con in Atlanta. My first time at this event, it far outreached my expectations. Still a small convention, it is rebuilding after being virtual during COVID. There were more panels than I could possibly attend with almost a dozen tracks. Most of my time I spent in the Write track and enjoyed every minute. Met some great people and learned useful and entertaining information.

The most impressive component of the convention is a deep and conscious inclusive agenda and vibe that come from the culture they’ve developed. This is driven by people with a vision. If you get a chance next October, give it a look.

Friend Clint Hall moderating one of the many panels at Multiverse

DragonCon 2021 – The best so far.

September 6, 2021

I’ve been doing the Jody Lynn Nye workshop for a few years now and had a great time there this year. The attendance was limited, but still there were plenty of great panelists including Jim Butcher and Kevin J. Anderson.
April worked over in the High Fantasy track and it sounds like I missed out on some good panels, but I kept focused on writing and genres I’m working in. Had some great news at the end of the Con, and will share once everything is signed.

Here’s some pics.

Jim Butcher – Battle Mage
Beautiful April in one of her great cosplays, moments before the Tyrannosaurus attacked.

JordanCon 2021 – Fabulous!

July 22, 2021

What a great time. Brandon Sanderson was there doing workshops and readings. Helped April with her vending. Her cosplay turned out to be a hit and might end up on some websites. Friends from our critique group were there to enjoy the event with. I couldn’t have asked for more.
I did my usual cosplay this year, with April’s help.
As proof, here is a picture of me in my gleeman’s cloak holding Robert Jordan’s scimitar that I won at the auction.