ConCarolinas 2024

June 24, 2024

This con was a blast!

I’m a little late on posting but I had a great time. The panels were on fire and I got to meet some new people all around. DRC Files were the most popular series on my table though Khimmer Chronicles sold well too.

Word of South

April 30, 2024

Word of South was amazing!

Being so close to home I got to meet up with friends like Pete from the Crumbox – an infamous character in the Khimmer Chronicles since he suggested Ahnjii’s location.

Music, art, and tons of bookstores and authors! I couldn’t imagine a happier place.

JordanCon 2024

April 30, 2024

This was possibly one of my favorite JordanCons!

First I got to help my Klingon mate teach a fine crew how to make book hedgehogs, then I was off to sign anthologies which support the Mayo Clinic, then staff the Authors Workshop Track where we help writers with reviews and hands-on activities. Best ever.

Coastal Magic Convention 2024

February 28, 2024

This is a new favorite convention with a hundreds of readers who love to talk about books and writing! The panels were a blast and everyone was having fun. Met some great people and reconnected with a few. I hope to be invited back again next year!

Superstars Writing Seminar 2024

February 12, 2024

Started Superstars with a walk through Gardens of the Gods, as usual. Got to hang out with a few people I already knew and meet a couple new ones.
The tour guide is great.

Craft day ended up having some awesome moments with Craig Martelle and Jim Butcher. There were some tips I’ll be putting to use.

Dinner with Jonathan Maberry was a blast as was the party hosted by Jeff Hays of Soundbooth Theatre. I was able to moderate some panels and sneak into a few more to bring home a number of actionable plans for writing and marketing.

Reader’s Favorite Review (that I missed)

February 1, 2024

Reviewed by Alicia DeBerry for Readers’ Favorite

Kevin A. Davis shows us a world that is hidden within our world in Atlanta’s Guide to Cryptids. Kristen, a witch, and the latest recruit to the Department of Realm Containment, has no time to adjust to her new crew. They get a case on her first day. She thought she was just joining the FBI but soon discovers that’s not the case. Now working with an experienced team of witches, werewolves, vampires, and dragon shifters, she must use all her wits and experience to stay alive. With their combined abilities, they work to solve the cases that involve instances of the use of the dangerous Tarus realm to unleash deadly cryptids into the city.

I love the theme that secret branches are working together to protect the world’s fragility and keep things in balance. Kevin A. Davis’s descriptions of each crime scene and action scene are so vivid that at times I felt like I could see and smell what was happening. The pace moved just right so I never got bored during the investigation scenes. As knowledge was revealed about the different entities they encountered, the abilities of the crew kept me entertained and intrigued for more. I connected with the lead character Kristen’s struggles as she voiced her opinions despite her lack of experience. I enjoyed watching her grow in trusting her abilities and becoming a new valuable member of the team. I recommend Atlanta’s Guide to Cryptids to lovers of fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, action, and drama.

Book Two of the DRC Files: Tallahassee’s Manual on Arcane Artifacts

January 23, 2024

Kristen and the DRC team investigate a bizarre series of deaths in Tallahassee where the victims’ bones shatter without a visible cause.

The bodies are still dropping, and the team is stretched trying to hunt down every lead before they too, become one of the casualties. When her dragon-shifter boss and her vampire teammate are sidelined in the investigation, Kristen and Finn, the other witch on the team, are on their own.

In this episode of the DRC files, the paranormal threatens not only innocent residents of the city, but the team itself. Whether the magic is an ancient magical artifact, or Earth realm magic unleashed by some rogue merfolk or dwarf, Kristen has to find a way to end the slaughter.

Where to buy the series

Friday’s Fifth Audible Available

December 9, 2023

The final book in the Khimmer Chronicle Series has been released! Listen to the whole series!

Gathering an army of friends and enemies, Ahnjii helps clear Earth of invading cryptids, and even starts a new era of working together. The sweet slow burn reaches its resolution as well.

Spunky Ahnjii is tested to her limits, though there’s always a moment for some noodles with Woo, tea with friends, and the chance to make a new enemy.

Christine Mascott narrates the entire series and cover art is by Vivid Covers.